Final 2014 Election Over: Martha McSally Wins in AZ

167 votes.

It’s been 43 days since Election Day, and Republican Martha McSally has finally and officially been declared the winner in a very close Congressional race.

McSally has won by 167 votes, a Superior Court judge announced this morning.

The original vote count was so close that a recount was required. The original tally showed McSally winning by 161 votes.

McSally ousted incumbent Ron Barber, a Democrat who served one full term and one partial term after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords resigned to recover from injuries from a mass shooting in Tucson in 2011.


Giffords was a fairly centrist Democrat (and former Republican) so the GOP had hoped to maybe pick this seat off in 2012 but they ran an absolutely horrible candidate. This is my hometown, which has been moving very leftward for decades so this pickup is significant, even by such a slim margin.


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