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The 2 Talk Radio Shows I Try to Listen To Every Morning

What does your morning media routine look like?

In an ideal day I try to get caught up on most of my PJ editing from 6 AM to Noon PST — that way I can can synch my work with The Morning Answer from 6 to 9 and then The Dennis Prager Show from 9 to noon. (Then I try to schedule meetings and writing time for the early afternoon before getting back to editing at the end of the day when The Ben Shapiro Show comes on in the afternoon at 3.)

Sometimes when I hear points from the shows that I like I’ll tweet them out:

On the rare occasions when Brian Whitman — the “mushy moderate” and so-called liberal who plays the Alan Colmes role on The Morning Answer against the Tea Party conservatives Ben and Elisha — makes a point I appreciate I’ll try to tweet to him. For example, I really liked his forceful rejection the other day of the way some Americans fawn over the British royal family as though they were still subjects of the Crown:

What do you think of the conversation on The Morning Answer and today’s Prager Show? Tweet your ideas to me and I’ll update this post with any highlights from this morning.