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Taliban Condemns US Torture, Then Takes Responsibility for Suicide Bombing

The obliviousness — or cynicism — of third world thugs and terrorists who are criticizing the United States for torture is beyond belief. Now comes word that those fine respecters of human rights and the rights of the accused — the Taliban — have weighed in on the issue and has harshly condemned the US for its interrogation practices.


A couple of hours earlier, the Taliban had blown up a French cultural center killing 4 innocents and injuring 23.

NBC News:

Among the critics blasting U.S. policy in the wake of a Senate CIA torture report are the Taliban — the same group that routinely carries out suicide attacks, and just on Thursday claimed responsibility for a bombing at a film screening in Kabul that killed at least four people.

The Taliban, which calls itself the Islamic Emirate, released a statement Thursday that said the Senate report “reveals the true face of America.” The report, released Tuesday, said U.S. interrogators used extreme tactics that included simulated drownings, beatings and confinement in coffin-sized boxes in the years after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

The Taliban said that the alleged abuses in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s long-awaited report are continuing in Afghanistan, and called for the international community to investigate.

Earlier Thursday, the Taliban claimed responsibility after a teenage boy blew himself up in a packed auditorium at a French cultural center in Kabul, where a documentary — about suicide bombers — was being screened. The Taliban also vowed revenge against American forces for the alleged abuses in the CIA torture report.


I’m sure it slipped the Taliban’s mind that they tortured US deserter Bowe Bergdahl when they held him for 5 years.

Those who are protesting the loudest are usually the ones who are guilty of even more horrific acts than a few interrogators at the CIA. Torture is built into the Taliban culture; their punishment for adultery is stoning, arguably generating more terror and pain than the CIA ever caused a terrorist.

Those who live in glass houses…

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