Obama's Car Czar Rips Admin's 'Gruber Who?' Schtick Again

Steve Rattner was President Obama’s “car czar” in the administration’s early years. As such, he was in and around the White House while Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al were working on Obamacare. Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare architect who keeps saying that Americans were “stupid” for buying into his scheme (which the majority have always opposed, by the way), was also in and around the White House during that period. What was it, 19 White House meetings, including face-to-face chats with the president during that time?


The Obama White House and Pelosi now pretend that they don’t know who this Gruber guy is, but they’re sure that he had very little to do with Obamacare. Former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is the latest Obama administration figure to pretend that she really doesn’t know who Jonathan Gruber is.

They all know who he is.

Rattner appeared on CBNC this morning and and had the audacity to tell the truth.

Host Joe Kernen asked Rattner, “I want to get so something that you said that just made me so proud. I guess you’re not going to the White House Christmas party this year after saying that Gruber was the go-to guy. What prompted you to admit, to say that? I mean, you knew that was not going to go over well.”

Kernen added, “[W]hat the heck you were thinking when you admitted that?”

Rattner responded: “It wasn’t a question of admitting it. What I said was that if you pick up any newspaper or go back and look at any video clips from your show or any other show from that point, from that period, Jonathan Gruber was all over the health care situation as an adviser to the administration and as an expert and as the guy who designed the Massachusetts health plan on which the ObamaCare was modeled. That’s a fact.”

It’s also a fact that Rattner has the habit of admitting repeatedly, much to the consternation of the Obama cohort.


In today’s edition, Rattner suggests that the White House should have taken a different tack when Gruber’s “stupid” comments came out.

“Look, what I would have said about that if I were in charge of, of communications is I would have said, ‘Yes. He was an adviser to us. He’s a smart guy. What he said in those video clips that have now come out was stupid. He’s the stupid one for having said that stuff and we, the White House, disassociate ourselves from it.’ That’s all you had to say.”

Kernen gets the last word, for now: “So the White House let some stupid guy design ObamaCare.”


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