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NATO Developing Rapid Response Force to Counter Russian Threat Obama Dismissed In 2012

Reality vs Obama, Round 745,678.

NATO will establish a prototype of a new rapid response force next year as it strives to improve its ability to deter a potential Russian attack, the alliance said on Tuesday.

The “interim spearhead force” will be made up of German, Dutch and Norwegian troops and is expected to be about the size of a brigade, or about 4,000 troops.

The new force responds to a proposal approved in September at a NATO summit meeting in Wales to establish a “high readiness” unit to defend the alliance’s Central European members.

Because of formidable operational and financial challenges, a permanent quick reaction force will not be established until 2016, the NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, said Tuesday during meetings here of the alliance’s foreign ministers.


Gosh, it seems like only a couple of years ago that Obama was being lauded by the media lapdogs for zinging Romney over his concerns about Russia. Oh wait, it was.

At this point, it would be a far simpler task to compile a list of things that this president has been right about (the days of the week, right from left, Biden’s an idiot, etc.) than to ponder his almost hourly mistakes. That will be left to the one historian who is actually interested in an objective assessment of Barack Obama’s tenure on the golf course in the Oval Office.

It isn’t just how often he is wrong, it’s how remarkably wrong he is, especially when it comes to foreign policy. This is the man who has been getting security briefings every day for six years and was surprised by ISIS and Vladimir Putin. One almost gets the sense that he would be truly shocked to learn that it snows in Antarctica.

It’s OK, he really can’t do much damage as a lame duck in the next couple of years, can he?


CAN HE?!?!?

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