Battleground Texas Email: This Christmas, Won't You Give More Money to Our Lost Cause?

President Obama’s Battleground Texas group zoomed into Texas promising to make the deep red state more competitive for Democrats. They took on the Wendy Davis campaign for governor as their lead project, and championed her abortion radicalism and made no secret of the fact that Davis would do the national Democratic Party’s bidding.


They failed. Davis underperformed compared to the Democrats’ governor nominee in 2010. Davis’ own state Senate seat went to Konni Burton, a pro-life Tea Party Republican. Statewide, the Democrats suffered yet another in a long string of deserved defeats.

But Battleground Texas wants you to know that they’re still there, ready to soak up more money if you’re of a mind to give it to them.


Talk about living in the past. Whatever “fire lost” has nothing to do with Ann Richards, who was the last Democrat governor of Texas. She got bounced out after one term — in 1994. A whole generation of Texans has grown up since then. Perhaps BGTX should offer engraved plaques commemorating the Democrats’ decades of failure here. While Richards was fond of posing with shotguns, today’s Texas Democrats are as rabidly anti-Second Amendment as their national counterparts. That image or Richards serves to expose how far the Democrats have followed failure in the years since she left office. A radical liberal in many ways, Richards still wasn’t as radical as many of today’s Texas Democrats. They lose, and their bright idea is to lurch even farther to the left.


Now they want Texas liberals to sacrifice some of their Christmas to pay for yet more BGTX failure. That’s worth a chuckle.


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