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Sources: Officer Darren Wilson in Negotiations to Resign from Ferguson PD

According to “people close to the talks” Officer Darren Wilson is in the “final stages” of talks to resign from the Ferguson Police Department. Wilson, who is white, shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black man in August.

The resignation talks are contingent upon whether the grand jury indicts him, according to CNN sources. Wilson, who maintains he has done nothing wrong, has said that his resignation would be away to ease the pressure and protect other officers.

An announcement could come as soon as  the grand jury completes its deliberations. Talks might still collapse, CNN sources say, Wilson might change his mind.

The grand jury is meeting today and a public announcement could come as early as Sunday, as law enforcement promised 48 hour warning before the decision is announced. Wilson has six years experience on the force and is currently on paid leave from the force.