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When We Talk About the 'Corrupt Media,' This Is What We Mean

Sen. Mary Landrieu pitched a Hail Mary up this week, when she tried to get the Harry Reid-controlled Senate to pass Keystone XL Pipeline approval.

A majority of the American people support building the pipeline. The Reid-controlled Senate had blocked a vote on that for years, mainly to save Obama from having to veto it, but let Landrieu have one in the lame-duck session in a last-ditch attempt to save her seat.

It failed, and with it, Landrieu’s alleged “clout” evaporated. Too bad, so sad.

Before it failed, the New York Times, alleged paper of record, was ready to roll with two different versions of the record that it saw fit to publish.

One version would go live if the vote succeeded, and that version praised Landrieu.

Another version would go live if the vote failed, and that version also praised Landrieu.

Either way, win or lose, the alleged paper of record was going to give Landrieu some good press.

Any media wondering why Americans’ trust of them is at an all-time low need look no further than this. But if they want to, they could look at the Grubergate blackout on the networks. Or they could look at the Texas media, which is so out of touch with Texas voters that they don’t even realize how out of touch they really are, and publicly mock their own state. But I digress.

In the world outside the media bubble, Landrieu is falling behind Rep. Bill Cassidy (R) — whose Keystone bill passed the House but she failed to get through the Senate, incidentally — by double digits. Unless there is some catastrophic change in the race at this point, Mary Landrieu will be ejected from the Senate in December and forced to make a meager multi-million dollar living as a Beltway lobbyist. Or perhaps a left-wing think tank will come to her aid.

But we can rest assured that whether Landrieu wins or loses, the New York Times is already drafting stories to praise her.

h/t Ace