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Perry Says He's 'More Prepared' For Run At Presidency Now

And we’re off!

“I was a big arrogant,” Perry told The Washington Post during an interview at the Republican Governors Association in Florida. Perry said he believed at the time that his experience running one of the country’s most populous states prepared him. “I was mistaken,” he admitted.

Next time, however, things will be different. “I’m comfortable I’m substantially more prepared to run for the presidency,” he said. “I know the challenges. And so, again, I’m not ready to pull the trigger and say I’m in, but I’m comfortable that the process I’ve put in place here is a proper, timely and thoughtful process.”

Perry may be the only candidate from 2012 worth recycling. There was so much enthusiasm for his entry into the race and he was never able to take any of that and use it to his advantage, for a variety of reasons. He’s healthier now, and if he doesn’t make the mistake of hitting the 2016 primary season with his exact same 2012 team, he could have quite an impact. He would certainly be a more palatable option than Romney 3.0 or Jeb Bush Ever.0