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Is Obama's Immigration Power Grab Imminent? (Update: Friday)

The Hill reports that the Obama administration held conference calls with illegal immigration advocates Tuesday.

The White House did not hold any calls with Brian Terry’s family, or with anyone else who has been harmed by crime related to the border’s insecurity. No one who lives in a border community that has been ravaged by cross-border crime and violence was invited on the calls. No ranchers who have their land overrun by illegal trespassers were invited on the call. No Americans whose jobs are threatened or whose wages are depressed by illegal alien competition were invited on the calls.

The purpose of the calls was to prepare those groups for  the president’s unilateral amnesty — the one that Obama himself has repeatedly claimed would be illegal.

One source said the White House sought to “temper expectations,” on the executive action, cautioning that while some advocates have pushed for him to carry out the Senate’s immigration reform bill, Obama doesn’t have the legal authority to go as far by acting alone.

“They’re setting expectations, making it clear he has the legal authority to do what he’s going to do, but that he’s not going beyond his authority, as some advocates would like,” said one source familiar with the calls on Tuesday.

The source predicted that, given the timing of the calls, that the White House could announce the executive order as early as Wednesday, but cautioned the president could also wait for the government funding fight in Congress to run its course.

“My guess is whatever they have teed up is already ready,” the source said.

Multiple reports have suggested Obama is poised to dramatically expand his deferred action program, allowing the parents of children who are legal residents or citizens of the United States to avoid deportation proceedings. Obama might also expand the eligibility for the current deferred action program, which allows children who were brought to the United States and remained in violation of the law to remain.

The president is also reportedly poised to expand specialty visas for high-tech workers. In total, an estimated 4 to 5 million illegal immigrants could be eligible for the program.

All without Congress, of course. Obama has been trying to goad and intimidate Congress into doing exactly what he wants, or he will bypass them and do what he wants anyway.

Obama has admitted in the past that what he is about to do is not how our system works.

Update: Friday–