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Keystone Vote Fails in the Senate

It was appropriate that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), author of the Democrats’ “you didn’t build that” line against entrepreneurs, presided over and announced that the vote to authorize construction of the Keystone XL pipeline had failed. Senator You Didn’t Build That got to announce that You Can’t Build That. Because hard left Democrats say so.

Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) attempt to show her clout in the Senate to Louisiana voters who are prepared to fire her next month failed. The Democrat-controlled Senate voted against the Keystone by a single vote. The measure needed 60 votes, and it only mustered 59.

The votes should tell America a few things. The Democrats now regard the United States Senate itself as nothing more than an ornament. The vote, blocked by the Democrats for ages, was only allowed to give Landrieu a lifeline in her recall election. The measure’s failure says that Landrieu’s fellow Democrats do not believe that she can defeat Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy in the run-off. If they thought that she could win, they would have released one more senator to vote with her.

The failure prevents President Obama from having to make good on his veto threat and stand exposed for the radical that he truly is. He still has two years in office; Landrieu’s days have been numbered far less. The Democrats in the Senate chose to protect Obama, even after all the damage he has done to their party and the country.

The Keystone pipeline would create thousands of jobs, create stronger ties to our ally Canada, and would transport needed oil more cleanly than it is currently transported. The fact that it failed demonstrates clearly that the Democratic Party from the president down care far more about the radical environmentalists like billionaire and party bankroller Tom Steyer than they care about American jobs and our national energy security.

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