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Obamacare Approval Reaches New Low

As the second Obamacare enrollment period gets underway, Gallup finds that the law is deeply under water.

According to Gallup, just 37% of Americans approve of President Obama’s signature legislative achievement. 56% percent disapprove.

The 37% approval is down a point from January 2014. Just 33% of independents support Obamacare.

A majority of the American people disapproved of the law when Democrats passed it with zero Republican votes, and President Obama signed it into law.

Over the past week, several videos have surfaced in which the architect of the law, MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, brags that he and the Democrats exploited the “stupidity” of the “American people” in order to pass the law. But as the law has never held majority support, any “stupidity” exploited must have belonged to the Democrats and their supporters who backed the law. The majority of Americans never did support it.

President Obama has tried word games to distance his administration from Gruber, by claiming that the professor was not on the White House staff when the law was passed. That’s true, narrowly, and a lie at the same time: Gruber was not on staff, but he was paid about $400,000 in consultancy fees to help write the law. According to Gruber, President Obama was in the room when Obamacare’s controversial “Cadillac tax” was created.