VIDEO: Tim Scott Delivers the Best Answer on 2016 Aspirations

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) talked with CNN host Don Lemon last night about how his 94-year-old grandfather views his historic win given the very different situation for blacks in the South in his generation — “from picking cotton to Congress,” as Scott calls his family’s trajectory.


“I can’t really explain what’s happening with the NAACP and who they congratulate and who they don’t,” Scott said in response to the organization not congratulating him on his historic win.

He added that it is important, however, to discuss how to eradicate poverty. “For those who want to have that conversation, anytime, anyplace, with anyone, call me, I’m coming.”

Scott said the NAACP’s silence simply “speaks to a legacy of shunning Republican candidates, black and white.”

The senator did say he got a “surprise call” from President Obama before he was set to give his victory speech on election night.

“We talked about education … we talked about skills in the workplace and looking for common ground,” Scott said.

Scott chuckled when Lemon asked if he has any presidential aspirations.

“I once thought about running for the presidency of my homeowners’ association; I didn’t have the votes,” he responded.

“I think I might stay in the Senate for at least another term, maybe go into ministry after that.”


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