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Oopsie! Megyn Kelly Fudges Mike Huckabee's Name -- Big Time

On Monday night, Fox News host Megyn Kelly accidentally introduced fellow Fox personality Mike Huckabee for a segment by saying he was the “host of F**kabee.” Without missing a beat, Kelly corrected herself. “Huckabee,” she continued, as Mike Huckabee, who is considering a presidential run, appeared to be trying to suppress a smile.

Both professionals, Kelly and Huckabee went on with the segment, ignoring the little slip-of-the-tongue.

Kelly joked about the flub during a later segment when she was talking about Valerie Jarrett’s s*** list. “I’ve already sworn once on the program and it was worse than that one,” she said.

Later in the show Kelly read a tweet from a viewer who called her stoic for soldiering on through the blunder. “I thought I was stoic too. At heart I’m a 12-year-old boy,” she explained.

Though it was probably just an honest mistake on Kelly’s part, it does make one wonder if she’s ever heard Huckabee called that name before. Are there some folks around the Fox News studio who refer to him in that derogatory manner?