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'Hundreds of Thousands' Set to Lose Healthcare by Year's End Thanks to Obamacare

The Washington Post’s  Dana Milbank writes today that Obamacare risks falling into a “death spiral.”

And not just because its own architect admits that passing it was based on duping the very voters who had put Obama and the Democrats in office.

For Milbank, the Supreme Court’s decision to take up the mandate in its next session creates uncertainty about the law, and the Obama administration’s announcement that it cut its enrollment forecast adds more.

Well, here’s some more. Hundreds of thousands of Americans who currently have health insurance will see one of two things happen: Their rates will go up significantly, or they will lose their coverage altogether. That’s according to this report by NBC4 News in Florida.

The story says that so many Americans will lose their coverage because personal exemptions have expired, because their employers made changes to the plans they offered and the new plans are no longer grandfathered, and for other reasons.

Additionally, Americans who manage to keep their insurance may find that there is “additional exposure” even after they have met deductibles.