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Rush Limbaugh Threatens to Make Life Even Worse for the Democrats

Rush Limbaugh has been the scourge of Democrats ever since he used to show up on Nightline with Ted Koppel in the 1980s. Now according to the Daily Caller, he’s threatening to sue the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for defamation.

The Limbaugh team is currently proceeding from the standpoint of litigating and has not yet made a decision as to whether the DCCC could make any concessions at this point to prevent the lawsuit.

The DCCC “has intentionally disseminated demonstrably false statements concerning Rush Limbaugh in a concerted effort to harm Mr. Limbaugh, and with reckless disregard for the resulting impact to small businesses across America that choose to advertise on his radio program” according to the GlaserWeil law firm’s letter to the DCCC, which was obtained by TheDC. “Mr. Limbaugh clearly, unambiguously, and emphatically condemned the notion that ‘no’ means ‘yes.’”

“Let’s be clear: Rush Limbaugh is advocating for the tolerance of rape” the DCCC stated in a September fundraising email after Limbaugh mocked Ohio State’s new mandatory sexual consent guidelines. (RELATED: Democrats Attack Rush Limbaugh On Way To November Loss)

Limbaugh’s team said that the DCCC’s campaign against Limbaugh provides grounds for a defamation case, based on legal precedent.

Limbaugh has one thing, in addition the truth, that ought to have the Democrats very worried: deep pockets. He can hire the very best legal team to turn the screws to the DCCC. He can wage a serious legal war against them.

Defamation of a public figure is usually tough for plaintiffs to win, but the Democrats may have made Limbaugh’s case here easy. They had clear motive to defame him, they have defamed him repeatedly in the past, and it’s beyond reason to believe that they truly believed that he was really advocating for tolerance of rape. They might be able to build their case on stupidity, but ignorance won’t work. Democrats have been trying to destroy Rush Limbaugh for decades now.

Discovery is going to be fascinating.