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Obama's Net Neutrality Vid Causes Cable Shares to Tank

Dumb and dumber.

Under the assumption that the sort of regulations Obama vaguely proposed Monday would hurt profitability at ISPs, shares of Charter Communications dropped 6 percent, while Time Warner Cable was off 5 percent, Cablevision Systems was down 2 percent and Comcast, which is trying to purchase TWC, was off 4 percent.

Obama is now shifting into post-election tantrum mode and will probably be acting out a lot in the coming months when it comes to economic and personal freedoms, both of which he opposes. If you think you are paying too much for broadband right now just wait until the government starts helping to make things “fair.”

It’s probably not a stretch to think that this administration pays little regard to which industries its policies (or musings on policy) affect, as it has no respect whatsoever for the private sector.