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Centrist Group 'No Labels' Apparently Still Exists and Joe Lieberman Is Going to Work There

Let the healing continue unnoticed.

Former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman is replacing West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin at centrist group No Labels.

Lieberman, who ran for the vice-presidency in 2000 as a Democrat and later switched his party affiliation to independent, joins former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (R) as honorary co-chairmen at the organization. Huntsman called Lieberman a “proven leader and an undisputed problem solver” in a Monday announcement of the decision.

“We are getting closer, as a nation, to healing our divisions and working together, but we have a long way to go. The 2016 presidential elections are a great opportunity to focus on problem-solving, and No Labels is the only group that can make that happen,” Lieberman said.

Let’s be honest about something here: Joe Lieberman can only be considered “centrist” because the Democrats have been lurching leftward for thirty years. He’s actually what a real Democrat used to be but seems practically reactionary relative to the progressive loons the party holds in such high esteem (see: Elizabeth Warren).

On a side note, Jon Huntsman’s brand of centrism is definitely not something that the Republican Party needs with the power it now has. It’s been moving a bit leftward itself in recent years and could use a rightward correction.