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New Caption Contest: What Comes After ‘OUCH’ on The Huffington Post?

Credit: Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post

Nothing hurts liberals more than the iconic Obama campaign symbol when it is used to mock the President (formerly known as the Messiah) especially when it is the liberal, Obama cheer leading, Huffington Post doing the mocking.

So it is with that spirit our first post-election caption contest is launched.

Your mission is to write a sentence beginning with the word “OUCH” that our Campaigner-in-Chief is thinking or saying today.

To start you off here is my entry:

As President Obama looks at the red election map he says, “OUCH, Valerie, Harry, Nancy, Debbie, you didn’t built that while I was out golfing, did you?

Now, loyal contest fans,  go build a better sentence and have some celebratory fun.

And speaking of contest fun, here is the winner of our last caption contest.

Hill and Nancy

Best Friends Forever

Freddie Sykes wrote:

Don’t let anyone tell you that Botox causes Global Warming!

OUCH, Hillary and Nancy are going to need hundreds of future Botox injections to erase all the new worry lines caused by this election.