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Tom Brokaw Really Hopes GOP Victory Means They Will Surrender on Dem Wish List

Newsman Tom Brokaw turned up on Morning Joe today, election day across the country. He picked up where he left off Monday, hoping that if the GOP takes the Senate, they’ll come in with a mind to help Democrats finish up their Obama-do list.

Brokaw grilled Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH). He teed Portman up as a “sensible voice,” obviously implying that Brokaw believes that the rest of the Republicans are bunch of wild-eyed yahoos, before trying to dictate the terms of victory to the winning side.

Brokaw: “Senator, I was watching you the other morning and you’re always the sensible voice. You talked about what you want to do, corporate tax reform, you want to do something as well about keystone, the oil pipeline. But to get all of that, what is your margin is because it looks like it will be in your favor but small, what are you prepared to give to the Democrats? You can’t come these deals entirely on your own. are you prepared to negotiate for example on minimum wage or immigration reform?”

Under Harry Reid, the Senate Democrats have been uncompromising for years now. They have given no ground to any GOP ideas. Brokaw must have missed all of that.

Sen. Portman, Brokaw’s “sensible voice,” noted that the Keystone Pipeline is supported by both Republicans and Democrats and should have been approved years ago.

Brokaw wasn’t interested in that, or energy overall, or the trade authority that Obama wants and Republicans say they will give him. Brokaw went right back to Democrat pet issues.

“What are the chances that you’ll get some of what the Democrats would like to have, immigration reform and increase in the minimum wage?” What are the chances that you’ll ignore your victory over the Democrats and just give them everything that they want?

Portman didn’t bite. He offered that immigration reform is “something we ought to do,” but that the current Senate bill — the one the Democrats want because it leaves enforcement up to Obama’s whims — will not pass.