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Priebus: 'Incompetency Malaise' Driving Leads for GOP in Early Voting

The chairman of the Republican National Committee said last night that he thinks GOP candidates are faring well in early voting because of “incompetency malaise.”

“That’s what you’re seeing across the country in early vote, and absentee ballot voting. The Democrats aren’t performing as well as they should. And I think we’re doing very well as a party on the early votes and it is because I think people feel like there’s this incompetency malaise across the country,” Reince Priebus told Fox. “They really don’t think that this president is performing whether it’s foreign policy, domestic policy, people aren’t better off and they want to see the different direction in the country.”

“And I think that our candidates are better, our ground game is much better and I think everything being combined, we’re going to have a big night tomorrow night.”

Despite Democrats’ assertions that they have a superior ground game, Priebus claimed that this time the Republicans have picked up their game.

“I mean, you can see where we are in early votes in Iowa. So just so you understand, we’re tied or even in a lot of these states where, for example, in Iowa, in 2010, we were 21,000 votes down in Iowa in 2010. That’s all wiped away. In Colorado, we are 100,000 votes ahead in Colorado tonight. That’s not guesswork. That’s the reality,” Priebus said.

“I mean, that’s the actual votes in the box. And so, the reality is that people in this country that want to see change. If they vote, if people vote that want a different direction, we will have a very big night in our Republican Party. ”

The Wisconsin native says that in the heated gubernatorial campaign in his home state Democrat Mary Burke “hasn’t landed the punch.”

“Scott had a very good last week…  I don’t see her getting too far,” Priebus said.