NY's Top Cop: 'It Was Terrorism'

Finally, someone in a position of authority in this country says what is obviously true.

NEW YORK –  New York City police Commissioner William Bratton says the hatchet attack on four rookie officers was a terrorist act by a homegrown radical.

Bratton said Friday the suspect, Zale Thompson, was a Muslim convert who ranted online against America, but had no clear ties to international terrorism. He believes Thompson was self-radicalized.


Which is remarkably similar to Nidal Hasan, whose massacre is still called “workplace violence” by the Obama administration. Hasan was actually more directly connected to terrorism, though Anwar Al-Awlaki. It’s also similar to the beheading perpetrated by Alton Alexander Nolen in Oklahoma. The government and media labeled that clear jihadist act a case of “workplace violence.”

Canada has handled the lone wolf jihadi attack in its capital much more honestly than the US under Obama tends to. Obama and his ilk make us all dance around and argue over words and definitions. Prime Minister Stephen Harper called the Ottawa attack “terrorism” straight away, no games. Ministers even sharpened up flagpoles to fight off the attacker, but fortunately a “gun nut” — the sergeant-at-arms — had a firearm in his desk, which he used to take the jihadist down.


By the way, if you follow that last link, you can see the Daily Mail appear to mock Harper for hiding in a “cupboard” during the attack. It was actually a closet, and it was obviously right and prudent to protect him.

The image of a bunch of angry Canucks sharpening up sticks to protect him is just…Viking. On behalf of Texas I’ll lend Canada our “Don’t mess with…” phrase for a while.


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