Is Obama Half, Three-Quarters or 'Full Mussolini?'

Most of us are plenty confused where the president stands on most issues, especially any that deal with foreign policy, global terrorism and national security. It wasn’t that long ago when our POTUS was moving mountains to make sure Gitmo closes, that Gitmo terrorists were tried in NY courts vs. military trials, that Muslims would gain self-esteem via NASA, and that our guys (and gals) in uniform make a swift exit from Afghanistan. Even if it meant leaving locals in the lurch. So after reading Bruce Bartlett and Eric Segall’s tweets in reply to author, lawyer and talk show host Mark Levin‘s tweet, I am pondering whether they belifve Obama is only half or three-quarters Mussolini now?



Methinks not? In fact, I thought Obama was full Mussolini a long time ago.

And I know a little about Mussolini. After all, I’m half Italian (my paternal grandfather hails from Sicily and my paternal grandmother hails from Minturno, Italy) yet many who question Obama and his failed foreign policy and lax national security stance on terrorism, porous borders and failing to ban flights carrying epidemics like Ebola thought he was full-blown Mussolini when he put his mug over our stars and stripes. Many considered him more like Mussolini (or Stalin or Mao) depending on which dictator comes to mind first.

Yet there isn’t a U.S. citizen or politican who can get away with putting their image over our flag (won on the blood of patriots) short of the Messiah. But then again, no cigar on that one either. Those who falsly claimed Obama was the Messiah didn’t realize this is the same man who couldn’t save Syria from hostile hands, failed to provide Ambassador J. Christopher StevensSean SmithTyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty with enough security in Benghazi. The reason we’re seeing terrorsist factions worse than al Qaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guard, the IHH and the IRA, etc. combined is because Obama has had a policy that can be best described “ignore, duck and cover.” Now whether he’s half, three-quarters, two-thirds or full-blown Mussolini is another debate all together. I think it’s a debate this country will have publicly come November 4, 2014.


As Herb London, founder and president of the London Center for Policy Research said the other day via phone:

“ISIS would have never gotten off the ground if Obama hadn’t kicked the can on Syria. Obama has made one foreign policy blunder after the other.”

So give Washington an honest critique not just of the last two terms but of want you want for your future. For the future of all Americans. This means your kids, your kids kids,  your relatives kids, and your friends and neighbors kids. Send Washington a message that shows them know how you feel. And frankly, this is a not a time for hesitation, rationalization or willy-nilly votes. Midterm elections (like all elections) are the time where your vote should be top of mind like fact-based, rote memorization on a timestable math quiz.

Don’t debate it. Don’t give credit where credit isn’t due. And don’t give flunkies in Washington a “pass” because its your party or you feel sorry for them either. You either agree with the current Administration’s handling of Gitmo, Benghazi, kicking the can on Syria, spanking our allys like Israel, leaving our porous borders wide open, Obamacare, the IRS Lois Lerner scandal and how they just “lost” Lerner’s emails along with the emails of four other employees (yet not our tax bills), Eric Holder’s mishandling of Wall Street (by not putting a single banker behind bars), the CIA hooker scandal, Biden’s failed Middle East bid, backing the Muslim Brotherhood while turning our backs on the liberal intellectuals of Egypt (and their military), giving arms to terrorist funding Qatar and so much more.


Me? I know where I stand. This Administration doesn’t know the difference between its head and its keister. And I’m considered a swing voter by most as I voted for Clinton twice, Bush once, and Obama in his first term.

But we’ve all seen what forward means. Maybe it’s time to rewind. As my pre-teen politically-saavy kid chimed in the other day after watching Dinesh D’Souza’s America: Imagine the World Without Her:

“Obama didn’t just get an F. He earned it. Full throttle.”


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