Wendy Davis: Sure, I'd Welcome Obama to Come to Texas and Campaign With Me!

Early voting is currently underway in Texas. Democrat Wendy Davis is tanking in the polls in the governor race as Greg Abbott looks to be cruising to a win.

The Davis campaign has become so desperate that it has attacked Abbott over interracial marriage — despite the fact that he’s half of one — and it swiped a photo of Republican kids to claim its support is building and burgeoning. And that was just this week.


But finally, Wendy Davis may have just thrown in the towel.

Democrat Wendy Davis says she would welcome President Barack Obama campaigning for her in Texas in the final days of her underdog bid for governor.

Davis says she would be “thrilled” if Obama or the Clintons wanted to help with her campaign. Obama has campaigned for Democratic gubernatorial candidates in other states and will continue doing so next week in Wisconsin.

But most Democrats — including Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC chair — are running as far away from Obama as they can these days. Obama is about as welcome in most campaigns as Ebola. Because most Democrats have clued into the fact that however much they might love his brand of disinterested international leadership and domestic attack dog nonsense, most Americans have tuned him right out.

The math for Davis is not good. She’s running as an Obama Democrat in Texas, a state that Obama lost twice and that Bill Clinton lost twice. No Democrat has won anything of note here in 20 years.


She has run a humorless, drab, terrible campaign that has one setting — ATTACK! — and which has been equal parts low comedy and repulsive dishonesty. Davis herself got off the blocks stating her belief that ships taking on water is a good thing, and has never really improved from there.

Now she wants Barack Obama, the president who is even tanking in the blue states, to come and campaign with her in bright red Texas.

Well, why not? It’s not like she has anything to lose at this point.


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