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Obama Admits: Crisis Management is Beyond Me

Ebola is stateside and its still putting Americans at risk, and that’s exactly why president Obama finally acknowledged it (albeit to save his own skin) and his defeat against it on October 17, 2014, when he appointed an Ebola Czar. Not sure about you but the title “Ebola Czar” is not one I would readily wear. I worked for Honeywell and KBR and always claimed the one similar corporate badge I would never wear is Siemens. Not because of their business, but because of the image the name created in my head brought me front and center with Fertility 101. Yet think of all the undesirable names most would not like to be associated with like Aids Czar, Diarrhea Czar, or Phlegm Czar. So much for words and their associated images, right?

Yet once again Obama admitted there was something bigger than himself that he couldn’t contain easily, so he had to step out of his comfort zone and appoint a czar he could control and conveniently blame if necessary. Not too different than ruining Hillary Clinton’s chance of ever holding the highest office in the land twice. One word should keep Hillary from ever becoming our 45th POTUS: Benghazi. Becoming the fall guy (well really gal) for the murder of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty will come up when she runs for Obama’s job. So much for campaigning for his own party.

Actually, Obama has done more to bolster himself and Michelle Obama’s status (think literary royalties, endorsements, celebrity elbowing, online followers, and cash flow) than every promoting eligible candidates’ from his own party. Just ask Bruce Braley how he feels about the way FLOTUS flubbed his name and fibbed about his military service in Iowa. Let’s just say, it only helped the Republican, Joni Ernst.