Oh-Oh: Obama Delays Naming New AG Until After Election

Something wicked this way comes?

President Barack Obama will not nominate a new attorney general until after Election Day, a White House aide confirmed Tuesday.

The aide said to expect the decision early to mid-November, aimed for after the midterms to avoid the appointment getting caught up in election year politics.


As this flaming train of political destruction has hurtled down the mountain without brakes for five and a half years, many from the original crew have either left or been unceremoniously thrown under it. There is never any real reason to celebrate someone awful leaving Team Lightbringer, however, as there is usually someone worse waiting in the wings (see: Chuck Hagel and John Kerry).

The White House says that it prefers that Democrat candidates for Senate not have to get caught up in answering questions about whomever is nominated.

Translation: “We’re going to nominate someone so controversial that he/she will definitely blow whatever slim chance we have left of not losing the Senate.

Think of it as a slightly late Halloween surprise.


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