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New Caption Contest: Capitol Dome Restoration Project to 'Stop Deterioration'


Credit: AP

Credit: AP


The Capitol Dome, one of the most cherished buildings and symbol of our great nation, is currently undergoing a major restoration.

To help keep taxpayers posted on the progress of this $60 million project, the website of the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) offers full details and photos that will satisfy your inner engineer (especially if you have a thing for scaffolding.)

This is what the Dome will look like when scaffolding is completed.

Credit: AOC

Credit: AOC

The AOC site also offers frequently asked questions:

What is the purpose of the project?  

This project is a critical step for stopping the current level of deterioration in the Dome’s cast iron as well as ensuring the protection of the interior of the Dome and Rotunda.

Why is this project starting now?

Postponing the restoration would perpetuate the deterioration of the Dome.

In my mind, these answers actually raise more questions. For example, “How do we stop the current level of deterioration in the entire U.S. Government?” and “What level of restoration is needed to fix all the cracks in our political system?” (Please offer some snappy answers if you have no fear of being audited.)

Meanwhile, your mission is to write a caption that best describes our contest photo in your usual snarky, sarcastic, clever, humorous manner to which we have all become accustomed.

Then, just for an amusing comparison, here is the west front view of the Capitol Dome under construction in 1861. Please feel free to offer a caption.

Capitol 1861

Capitol Dome under construction in 1861


Speaking of amusing, we have a winner from our last contest where you were asked to write a caption for this totally creepy photo of Presidents Obama and Clinton backstage at the Clinton Global Initiative.

Clinton Obama scary

Submitted by Allstonian: “Remember, Barry, it all depends on what the meaning of ‘ISIS’ is…”

Seriously, this caption is one of the best in the glorious history of PJ Tatler photo caption contests. Congratulations Allstonian for reviving a long-forgotten, great moment in Clinton linguistic history and applying it to current events.

For our new contest, Allstonian has set the bar scaffolding very high.