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WaPo's Dana Milbank Wonders Why Some Aren't Loyal to President Throw Everyone Under the Bus


Milbank is also apparently the only one in the Milky Way galaxy who is unaware of all of the bad blood between the Clinton and Obama camps. OK, he and the rest of the MSM. Whenever two Republicans can’t decide on where to have lunch, the press cries, “GOP CIVIL WAR!” In reality, the much bigger rift is on the Democrat side of the aisle, between the once and current and “inevitable” future presidents. They don’t like each other. If Elizabeth Warren or any other remotely progressive candidate gets into the race, President Obama will throw Her Madameship under the bus so quickly she’ll barely have time to scream for special treatment because she’s a girl.

When that happens, the MSM will have a choice to make: stick with the “inevitable” story they’ve been pimping for a year already or remain loyal to their Idiot King.