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Religion of Peace Iranian Government to Execute Woman for Fighting Off Rapist

Hope. Change.

An Iranian woman sentenced to death for killing a man who tried to rape her told her mother goodbye and prepared to die, even as the Islamic republic’s president was meeting with world leaders at the United Nations.

Rayhaneh Jabbari, 26, is set to be executed Tuesday, according to reports from Iran. On Monday, her mother, Shole Paravan, recounted on her Facebook page an emotional farewell call her daughter made when a sympathetic guard loaned her a cellphone before she was taken to Rajaiy Shahr Prison to be hanged.

Gosh, it seems like just last year that the American media was hailing the election of a “moderate Muslim cleric” as president of Iran as a sign that the times they were a changin’.

Of course, anyone in the United States who possesses an IQ above forty knows that the notion of “moderate” in Islam is quite relative and in Iran it simply means, “Takes longer to kill you.”

The MSM here continues to pretend that the Islamists who want to blow you up are the fringe and that moderates are the norm.

Perhaps they should have found a better description for Rouhani, because he isn’t really helping their case.