SURPRISE! ISIS Gets An Assist From Germany

Totally kidding about the surprise.

Police have raided the homes of seven alleged Islamic state supporters across Germany on suspicion of supplying the group with a makeshift military vehicle complete with a mounted semi-automatic weapon.

The police were acting on information that three of the men drove an ambulance from Germany to Syria last year, where it was converted into what the Bavarian Interior Ministry called “a kind of military personnel carrier”.

Prosecutors say they have evidence that the men from Germany were involved in the plan to upgrade the ambulance. They are also suspected of arranging for six more vehicles to be shipped from Germany to Syria for Islamic State.

The news came as Germany began supplying €70m of sophisticated arms to Kurdish forces fighting against Islamic State in Iraq.


Germany and the UK have long led the way in turning blind eyes to festering Islamic radical problems in the name of political correctness. That same unwillingness to offend here at home will more than likely lead to something awful. It’s tough busting up al-Qaeda cells when you’re spending “security” money to confiscate my daughter’s souvenir snow globe as she returns from vacation but, hey, at least the terrorists weren’t offended!


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