Rush Limbaugh Tips Waitress Very Generously. She Repays Kindness With Vileness.

Mediaite reports that talk radio titan Rush Limbaugh is a big tipper. He recently tipped a Dallas waitress very generously — $1,000 per check, twice, during stops at a high-end restaurant there.


But the waitress, Merrit Tierce, is a Limbaugh hater. The pro-life radio host’s generosity failed to change her mind.

Merritt Tierce, whose debut novel Love Me Back chronicles her time at a high-end Dallas steakhouse, revealed in an interview with Dallas News that, at the time, she was also the executive director of the Texas Equal Abortion (TEA) Fund, which provides financial assistance to low-income women seeking abortions.

Both times she waited on Limbaugh and his friend, sportscaster Al Michaels, he left $1,000 in tips on modest bills, but the cash felt “like blood money to me,” Tierce said. So she dumped the money in her charity. “It felt like laundering the money in a good way,” she says. “He’s such an obvious target for any feminist or sane person. It was really bizarre to me that he gave me $2,000, and he’s evil incarnate in some ways.”

Love Me Back…mhmmm. Something about all this suggests that Tierce makes it very difficult to do that.


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