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Meghan McCain Has...Like...a Brilliant Plan to Help Republican Climate Deniers


On Monday, Take Part Live host Meghan McCain shared her brilliant plan for tricking Republican voters into jumping on the climate change bandwagon. “Republicans are the demographic…that primarily don’t believe in climate change,” McCain began.

She didn’t define what it means to “believe in climate change” and didn’t acknowledge that most Republicans don’t actually deny that the climate changes, they mostly only disagree with how much of the change humans are responsible for and whether government intervention can influence the weather.

Nevertheless, McCain continued down the road that Republicans are climate deniers. “I do watch Fox News at night on occasion — and a lot of the time you see people throwing around climate change…like… ‘Of course climate change isn’t real! This is just a liberal issue!’”

She then shared her ingenious solution for dragging the Republican Neanderthals over to the right side of science. “I think this is a cultural issue,” McCain said. “It’s … like … two cultures in America clashing against each other and it’s not even about climate change anymore. It’s about … this is a Republican issue and this is a Democrat issue.”

“I just think if we make this more accessible to people and turn this into a cultural issue,” she continued, “Meaning, Republicans, you’re not going to be able to hunt and fish as much — which I love doing — if there is no f***ing fish to get, you know?”

“We need to educate them on facts and why this is important to them and literally, the survivial of our grandchildren. Calling people idiots isn’t productive,” McCain concluded.

Co-host Jacob Soboroff agreed with Meghan’s plan for educating the ignorant Republican masses: “Put this sh*t on a beta tape or on a DVD and send it to all the Republicans without Internet!”

McCain (who had just finished saying that calling people idiots isn’t productive) chuckled at Soboroff’s dig at Republican knuckle-draggers.

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