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Automatic Weapons in the Hands of Children

This Septemer 1, 2014 Washington Times article about gun tourism to the U.S. mentions this recent  tragedy where a 9 year old lost control of an Uzi submachine gun causing the death of her instructor.  This brought back  memories of going to Front Sight in Pahrump, NV for one of their free submachine gun classes many years ago.  This was an opportunity for some father-daughter bonding so I enrolled my 14 year-old daughter as well.  After the first day of instruction, no live ammo, the instructor pulled me aside to express his concerns that she might not be strong enough to control an Ingram M-11 on full auto.  He had no reservations about her emotional maturity, just strength.  It was all handled very professionally and respectfully.  My own experiences firing the M-11 full auto 1200 rpm (a really wicked piece of machinery) lead me to think they were being too cautious, but far better to be overly cautious.  The article aforementioned mentions that: “But behind the bravado, owners acknowledge they are one errant movement away from tragedy. Cohen’s business, for example, is installing a tethering system that will prevent machine guns from riding upward after firing — the same motion that killed the gun instrucor this week.”

Very good.  There are plenty of progressive sorts who would regard limitations on providing birth control to minors as a constitutional crisis and yet are incensed that a parent can give a .22 rifle to their teenager.  The best way to short-circuit poorly considered laws on this subject is for range operators to adopt both rules and technical safety solutions instead.