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'F*** It, I Quit' -- The Most Unprofessional Media Resignation of the Year?

The net’s buzzing about this clip, in which Alaska TV reporter Charlo Greene resigns with an obscenity.

It seems to me that there are about a million better ways to do this, none of which would jeopardize the station’s FCC license. I know, it’s funny, and it’s buzzkill to talk about being a professional.


But even more than that, who tasked this reporter with reporting on an issue in which she has a personal and professional interest? Greene is on the air reporting about the effort to legalize pot in Alaska. As the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, she had no business being the reporter on this story. Either she didn’t disclose her personal interest in the story, or the station didn’t ask, or the station knew but didn’t care. Which is it?

So Greene quit unprofessionally, and will have a tough time getting another media job anywhere if she wants one, but the station’s assignment editor needs to answer a few questions too.

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