VIDEO: McCain Smacks Down New CNN Analyst Carney for 'Sayings Facts That are Patently False'

“BREAKING: Man who was Obama’s chief spokesman like two seconds ago still thinks he’s doing a good job,” the Huffington Post sarcastically tweeted of CNN’s newest political analyst, recent White House press secretary Jay Carney.


But Carney’s TV baptism was going to be even harsher than that.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), linked in from the Capitol rotunda after President Obama’s speech, was paired with Carney in a segment and beat him down to the ground.

Long story short: McCain calls out Carney for “saying facts that are patently false.” Carney says they can respectfully agree to disagree. McCain says, “It’s not a matter of disagreements, it’s a matter of facts, and you have yours wrong, and you have distorted them.”

And on and on. “Facts are stubborn things,” McCain schools Carney.



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