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Texas Sheriff Has a Strong Message for Terrorists Who May Have Crossed the Border

Midland County, Texas, Sheriff Gary Painter appeared on CNN the other night. Host Don Lemon accused the sheriff of trying to “scare people,” by warning that IS and other terrorists may have already crossed the border into Texas.

Sheriff Painter dismissed Lemon’s accusation, noting evidence that IS has stated its intent to attack the US here, and noted that the federal government has failed to secure the border. Painter also told the CNN audience about an intelligence briefing he has received on terrorism and the border. Specifically, the briefing warned law enforcement officers that IS terrorist cells are active in Juarez, Mexico and are moving into the US. The briefing warned law enforcement to be on the lookout for these terrorists.

That briefing might have been one referenced by Judicial Watch in its report on IS terrorists in Juarez.

Lemon asks Sheriff Painter if he has a message for the terrorists.

The sheriff is quick to reply: “If they rear their ugly heads, we’ll send ’em to hell.”

h/t Conservative Tribune