Why Politicians, Cops & Feminists Turn a Blind Eye to 1,400 Rape Victims


White, conservative male Rich Lowry provides further evidence for my argument that the East proves the West needs feminism. In his latest syndicated column, Lowry details the horror that has occurred in Rotherham, England, a small northern England town in which “more than 1,400 young girls have been raped and brutally exploited” for over 15 years.


England is the West, you may argue. And you’d be right. A Western nation that turned a blind eye to these vicious crimes against women because the perpetrators of said heinous offenses were Pakistani Muslims.

Lowry details:

… the local government tolerated sexual violence on a vast scale. Why? In part, because the criminals who committed these sickening acts were Muslims from the local Pakistani community, and noticing their depravity was considered insensitive at best, racist at worst.

The British home secretary says “institutionalized political correctness” contributed to the abandonment of hundreds of girls to their tormentors. Imagine something out of the nightmarish world of Stieg Larsson, brought to life and abetted by the muddle-headed cowardice of people who fear the disapproval of the diversity police.

In Rotherham, multiculturalism triumphed over not just feminism, but over the law, over basic human decency and over civilization itself.

According to an “independent investigation released last week”:

 “It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated.”


Law enforcement, government-funded social workers, and elected officials were all well aware of the crimes being committed and, by and large, did nothing fearing Orwellian punishment for attempting to defend these women against a perceived protected minority.


In a BBC documentary, the author of a 2002 report to the Rotherham council on the scandal said her work was quashed. When she noted that the perpetrators were from the Pakistani community, a colleague told her “you must never refer to that again — you must never refer to Asian men.” She was sent to diversity training and, by her account, nearly fired.

The reports kept coming every few years, to no effect. A 2006 report noted that “one of the difficulties that prevents this issue being dealt with effectively is the ethnicity of the main perpetrators.”

…The member of Parliament who represented Rotherham admitted that as a “liberal leftie” he didn’t want “to rock the multicultural community boat.”

Once again, the American feminist community has remained silent on the issue. Lowry is right in his ironic observation:

In Rotherham, there was a terrifyingly real and endemic rape culture. Yet Rotherham doesn’t have a fashionable hashtag. It hasn’t prompted feminist hand-wringing about how multiculturalism effectively empowered a criminal patriarchy. It has barely caused a peep.


This is the impact of cultural Marxism on politically inclined feminists who claim a colorful worldview that is, in reality, extremely black and white. In this case, because the Pakistani Muslim rapists are the metaphorical “black” in the situation, the raped women (who just so happened to be white Brits from broken homes) are deemed, through silence, as being deserving of the crime committed. Much like the cops, social workers, and politicians who favored multiculturalism over law, feminists also turn a blind eye to violence against women within the Muslim world. Muslim women who are victims of sexual assault within the Muslim community are treated with the same level of feminist ignorance because it is easier to subscribe to classroom theory than to speak out against real world injustice. This is the visceral effect of ideological disinformation: The discussion of rape is based on the color scheme of the situation. Of course, had the colors been reversed, had white men raped Pakistani women, or white women for that matter, that’d be a different story with a far more fashionable hashtag.

The women of Rotherham deserve the attention and support of feminists the world over. These are the crimes of which all women must be informed. Instead, mainstream feminism chooses to waste our time with warped, decidedly un-factual claims, solely for the purpose of propagating the kind of class warfare mentality that allows horrors like Rotherham to go on unabated. Feminist movers and shakers must decide now if they are going to fight back or succumb to inevitable victimhood if they continue turning a blind eye to the crimes against women that don’t fit their twisted political narrative.



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