MSNBC Ditches Interview on ISIS Strategy for a Stupid 'Surprise Guest' Schtick While Obama Sings Taylor Swift to the Iraqis

The White House followed up Thursday’s pointless presidential press briefing with two additional pointless briefings Friday, one conducted by White House spokesman Josh Earnest, the other run from the Pentagon by Rear Admiral John Kirby.


The message of all three seemed to be to tell ISIS to relax, because the White House has no strategy to defeat them, and whatever strategy it does come up with will not ever, under any circumstances, involve US ground troops.

They’re the equivalent of Obama serenading the Iraqis with Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together.” Barack Obama is never ever ever putting troops and their boots on the ground in Iraq. Even if ISIS takes over the whole country, snaps up Syria and Jordan, and then announces that it has stolen a nuke from Iran.

Never ever ever getting back together.

So here’s MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, newly appointed master of Meet the Biased Beltway Press, breaking off with Josh Earnest to favor “Mama” Savannah Guthrie.

That’s not insular and idiotic at all!


EARNEST: “Well, Chuck, the thing we wanted to make sure people understood is what the president was trying to communicate. And what he was trying to communicate is that we’re still waiting on some military plans as it relates to what military options are available to the president for hitting ISIL in Syria. But the president has laid out a comprehensive plan for dealing with ISIL in Iraq. It includes American military strikes, but also includes shoring up the Iraqi government to unite that country to face their threat. It includes engaging regional governments, that’s why Secretary Kerry is heading to the region. So the president has laid out a comprehensive strategy for what he thinks we should do for ISIL. How military action in Syria fits into that strategy, is something that remains to be seen.”

TODD: “Do you really believe — is it fair to say, that when it comes to the issue of Syria, the president just — the big question is he doesn’t know what does the day after the bombing look like? Is that his caution? Is that his concern?”

EARNEST: “Well, I think what the president’s concern is that we’ve learned lessons, this country has learned lessons about going into authorizing the use of military force without having a really clear plan about what you’re hoping to accomplish. And the president wants to make sure that he is very conscientious, and he’s determined to think through what our options are, before making the most serious decision that a Commander-in-Chief can make, which is to deploy America’s military might, to put American servicemen and women in harm’s way in the conduct of our foreign relations. So the president is going to be very thoughtful and deliberative about this and he’s going to make sure that he’s very clear, both in terms of his own thinking and in terms of — with the American people about what that strategy is. Chuck, I’m actually told right now your producers are telling me you do have a surprise guest today, that’s not just me.”

TODD: “Oh, so it was a gag!”

EARNEST: “Well, not a gag!”

TODD: “Whoa! Look at this. Now that’s the surprise guest that I expected. No offense, Josh.”

EARNEST: “None taken, none taken.”

TODD: “But you know what? Hurry up. Get off the stage, will ya?”

GUTHRIE: “Hi, guys.”

TODD: “Miss Mama Guthrie. Can I call you Mama Guthrie?”


Dear Lord. These people expect to be taken seriously. Or is MSNBC really just one long punk prank on the left?


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