Bloomberg Deputy Managing Editor Jeanne Cummings Mimics Democrat Birth Control Talking Points

Bloomberg News Deputy Managing Editor Jeanne Cummings needs to apologize or find another line of work.

In an MSNBC segment on a recent poll detailing women’s impressions of both political parties, Bloomberg News Deputy Managing Editor Jeanne Cummings said this:


Cummings said that the GOP has “moved the debate over abortion into birth control.”

That is categorically false.

The Obama administration moved the debate into birth control, by mandating abortion-causing drug coverage under Obamacare. That’s how the debate got moved into birth control.

Cummings continued: “This is a huge step where women — that’s a threshold issue for women. That’s about birth control, controlling your life. This is being in control of your life. And they want to talk about taking that away? That’s a whole different conversation than abortion.”

That conversation, again, was spurred by the Obama administration, not any Republican. It is not and never was about “taking away” anyone’s birth control.

The Obama administration used Obamacare regulations to force abortion-causing drugs to be covered, even over the religious objections of many Americans. That coverage is not written into Obamacare. The Obama-Sebelius Department of Health and Human Services forced it.


The Hobby Lobby case, which the administration lost at the Supreme Court, only dealt with four abortion-causing drugs — not the 16 other types of birth control that the company covered and still covers without objection.

Bloomberg News Deputy Managing Editor Jeanne Cummings is ill suited to reporting facts. Perhaps writing DNC talking points is more in her wheelhouse. She is clearly good at reciting them.


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