Desperate Democrat Blames His Republican Opponent for the Ebola Outbreak

You can’t make this stuff up.

Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor (AR) has the unenviable task of running for re-election as a Democrat in a red state against a very strong Republican opponent, Rep. Tom Cotton.


A glance at the RCP average over at the Grid shows that the race is a toss-up, but Cotton has a narrow lead on any given day. Arkansas is a likely pick-up for the GOP, meaning that Pryor is likely to be looking for work on the Obama economy come January.

Pryor is desperate. So desperate that he has launched an ad blaming Cotton for not getting America ready for the Ebola virus outbreak.

That would be the Ebola outbreak that is currently underway in Africa, and for which a pair of American missionaries were recently brought back to the United States and treated successfully.

Even MSNBC isn’t buying what Democrat Mark Pryor is selling, in what may be the worst, most dishonest ad this cycle. Take a look on the next page.


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