Malaria Compounding Ebola Problem In West Africa

When hippies kill.

As the death toll rises in West Africa amid the worst Ebola outbreak on record, a separate threat is compounding the problem: the rainy season and the malaria cases that come with it.

In Sierra Leone, with the most Ebola cases in the epidemic, a fearful population is failing to seek medical attention for any diseases, health officials say. If they have malaria, the feeling is they don’t want to go near a hospital with Ebola cases. If it’s Ebola, they don’t believe the hospitals can help them anyway.


Of course, malaria wouldn’t be a problem at all if chemicals like DDT were being used to kill the mosquitoes that spread it. But, hey, Rachel Carson wrote a book, right?

It still mystifies me how the “we believe in science” crowd is still able to get away with this nonsense given the body count (around 100,000 per year) on their hands in Africa since they decided to prioritize the lives of birds over humans.

Finger crossed that their 10th Century nets (SCIENCE!) save at least a few lives…


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