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New Contest: Obama’s Wimpy Image Taunted in Photo Tweet From Russia's Deputy Prime Minister

Obama russia weet 2

Photo tweet from Dmitry Rogozin


On July 31, Dmitry Rogozin whose official title is Deputy Prime Minister of Russia – Head of the Military-Industrial Commission – Special Envoy of the President – PhD, tweeted the subject of our latest caption contest as reported by Fox News.


This is not a joke. Rogozin tweeted this photo with the caption, “We have different values and allies.”

Here is the photo tweet in context:

Dmitry Rogozin @DRogozin 

Please note that Rogozin’s tweet just above the Putin/Obama photo offers this patriotic message:

Congratulations to the staff, command and veterans of the legendary Airborne Troops of Russia on their holiday!

Glory to Russia! 

Now, the mission of PJ Media’s legendary caption contest writers on their summer holiday is to write an alternative sentence replacing, “We have different values and allies.”  As usual, “thought bubbles” are also encouraged.

Finally, all entries must be classy, clever and incorporate the advice of our poodle lovin’ leader, who recently yelled, “Stop hatin’ all the time!”

Have fun and keep in mind that Obama might actually be holding a Rottweiler disguised as a poodle. Ya think?



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