Media Matters Suddenly Aghast That A Candidate's Wealth Is Being Discussed

And guess who the candidate is!

In the past two months, Washington Post political reporter Chris Cillizza has used his platform at The Fix to obsess over the question of whether Hillary Clinton has sufficiently explained her family’s wealth, dismissing Clinton’s comments on income inequality while offering conflicting advice on how she should answer the question in a way that satisfies Chris Cillizza and The Washington Post.

Cillizza’s latest post came in response to an interview Hillary Clinton gave to Fusion TV host Jorge Ramos that aired July 29. “Hillary Clinton still hasn’t found a good answer to questions about her wealth,” according to the July 29 headline over at The Fix. After crediting GOP opposition research firm American Rising with focusing his attention on Clinton’s wealth, Cillizza concluded: “Until she finds three sentences (or so) to button up any/all questions about her wealth, those questions will keep coming. And that’s not the way Clinton wants to run-up to her now all-but-certain presidential bid.”

This is the third time in two months that Cillizza has posted a column fixated on Clinton’s wealth and his belief that she is struggling to explain it — and the third time since June 22 that The Fix has turned to America Rising to help define Hillary Clinton.


There are a couple of things really bugging the Soros Monkeys here, neither of which they’ll admit to publicly.

The first isn’t that Cillizza is using oppo research from America Rising, it’s that he is questioning Madame’s inevitability at all. Cillizza might not be Charles Krauthammer, but he isn’t Rachel Maddow either. He has been exploring Hillary’s 2016 possibilities without putting on a cheerleader outfit and preordering inaugural swag. He’s been asking some rather fair questions and not really doing hit pieces but neither approach is acceptable to lunatic fringe that desperately wants to confer godlike powers to its presidents.

The other problem is that in the poor, diseased mind of Eric Boehlert, Hillary really gets a rough time from the media. As such, every legitimate question becomes slanderous bullying. The poor guy probably can’t sleep at night because he’s so busy trying to make the case for her being the most powerful woman on the planet all the while telling everyone to give her a break because she’s a girl.

It’s a tough gig. The fact that Madame Inevitable is a horrible candidate and perhaps the least likable human this side of anyone not called “Ayatollah” is only going to make it tougher.


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