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VIDEO -- Illegal Aliens Can Flout American Law But Americans Can't

Go stand outside the White House in Washington and break a law. Any law. Have a protest without a permit. There’s a law against having a tripod of any kind on the sidewalk just outside the White House fence. Break that law. Set up a camera tripod on that sidewalk. See what happens to you.

As a videographer I’ve run into that law. Here’s what will happen to you. First, police will have a word with you and tell you about the law and ask you to remove your gear. If you remove your tripod from the sidewalk, the police will leave you alone with a “Have a nice day.”

But if you refuse to remove the tripod, the police will remove you. Because you broke the law.

On Monday, hundreds of illegal aliens protested outside the White House. The Secret Service was there and told the illegal aliens to keep off the sidewalk. But not one single illegal alien was arrested, despite the fact that they were clearly saying that they are illegal aliens — that their status outside the law is the whole point of their presence there. They broke the law. They got away with it. They’re still getting away with it.

Illegal aliens can flout the law right in front of the White House, without any fear of arrest (well, unless they set up a tripod on that sidewalk and refused to move it).

There’s something deeply wrong with a country that allows this.