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Sarcastic Posters Meet Obama at Silicon Valley Fundraiser

Imaginative satirical posters mocking President Obama appeared yesterday in various locations of Silicon Valley, where the president was scheduled to speak at yet another fundraiser with California’s rich and powerful on Wednesday, in spite of all the troubles piling up, domestically and internationally.

Obama’s last two-day fundraising visit to Silicon Valley was less than three months ago. This time he came accompanied by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Steve Israel, and a few local Democrat politicians. The expensive $32,400 per couple brunch and VIP reception was held in the house of a local restaurateur and real estate broker, George Marcus, inside an upper-class gated community protected from the rabble and the disastrous effects the president’s policies have on lower- and middle-class Americans.

In addition to the posters, an “invitation” flyer was mailed to all neighbors within the half-mile radius of the host’s home in Los Altos Hills. Describing the fundraiser as “A Feast in Time of Plague,” the mock invitation pointed to the frightening gap between the increasingly entrenched political elites and the harsh reality of joblessness, insecurity, and loss of incomes for the rest of us.

A few larger versions of this flyer were also posted on the streets of Los Altos.

Other posters describe the president as a wily SiliConMan, or show him holding the iconic map of Silicon Valley while uttering his famous quote, “You didn’t built that.” A series of iPod parody posters in vibrant colors display Obama’s silhouette holding an NSA listening device under the mock “iSnoop” brand next to the small Liberty Bell with a piece bitten off as in the famous Apple logo.

The street artists posted more photos of their satirical campaign in an anonymous online gallery. They can be found here: Click on each image in the gallery below to enlarge.



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