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A Snotnosed Punk Left America's Cheese Out in the Wind

For more than a decade now, Democrats and assorted other progs have excoriated George W. Bush for what he did for a few minutes after he learned of the 9-11 attacks. He was visiting a school that day and at the moment he learned that terrorists had launched an act of war against the United States, he took in the news calmly, and then kept reading a book to those kids.


My Pet Goat became the most infamous children’s book of the time, because Bush finished reading it to those kids.

Had Bush done just about anything else at that moment, he would have caused a panic.

Thursday morning, rebels backed by the Russian government in Ukraine shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 with 298 civilians on board. They all died. Three of them were infants. 23 of them may have been Americans. The State Department either doesn’t know, which is disturbing, or won’t say, which is also disturbing.

President Obama had scheduled the day for partisan speeches, photo ops and fundraisers.

He learned of the downing of MH17 from Russian President Vladimir Putin, but Putin probably did not tell Obama all of the details.

Obama spent all of 38 seconds addressing the shootdown of MH17, saying that it “may have been a terrible tragedy.” At that point, the known knowns included the fact that nearly 300 innocent civilians had been killed over a war zone, people who had no connection to Putin’s machinations in Ukraine at all.

And then he went back to being the partisan fundraiser in chief.

Later in the day, Israel launched a ground, air and sea offensive in Gaza. Hamas terrorists there had been using tunnels and schools to launch missiles — hundreds of missiles — on civilians in Israel. Israel launched the offensive to stop those terrorists and remove their ability to attack Israelis.


Obama said nothing about that.

On the same day, the Misrata militia launched a new offensive against Tripoli, Libya. That Islamist militia threatens to take control of the Libyan capital, and could put another country in radical control.

Obama said nothing about that.

Instead of addressing his job, Obama posed for photos at a barbecue joint, he had a burger, he attended two Democratic Party fundraisers, and he delivered barbed remarks at the Republicans. He taunted them to sue him, again. He accused them of doing nothing, again.

While he was doing nothing useful himself.

The Saturday Night Live skit based on yesterday practically writes itself.

It could start with an alarm clock going off and Obama waking up. He gives the camera brief monologue about the stresses of the presidency and how he just doesn’t feel like doing anything today. He fakes being sick.

“They bought it,” he says after convincing Michelle and Biden that he’s too sick today to be president today.

He sings in the shower after she’s gone.

He calls up a friend and convinces him to play hooky.

They go running off away from work for the day. They have a nice lunch. Cut to MH17 crashing in a fireball. They take in a Cubs game. Cut to Hamas rockets raining down on Israeli neighborhoods. Obama lip syncs “Twist and Shout” at the head of a parade. Cut to Putin blaming MH17 on Ukraine.


There’s a chase scene. Sarah Palin is convinced that Obama isn’t sick and he’s scamming everyone. She’s determined to catch him. Obama leads Palin on a merry chase through Washington’s neighborhoods. Past the National Mall. Around the Air and Space Museum. Past the fountain in Lafayette Square.

Obama escapes Palin and sneaks back into the White House just in the nick of time. Cut to terrorists marching on Tripoli. Cut to Putin handing off more weapons to the Ukraine rebels. Cut to Obama crashing a White House party and dancing with Beyonce.

You can see where I’m going with this. It’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, only not.

Barack Obama took the day off from the presidency yesterday, while wars were breaking out pretty much everywhere and we may have seen a dangerous new threat to civilian aviation emerge.

But hey, America, relax. The Obamas have a big vacation coming up soon.

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