Democrat Tells Religious Americans: You Must Choose Between Your Faith or Your Business

Progressive Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY) admitted Thursday that he doesn’t even know what Hobby Lobby sells. He tacitly admits that he doesn’t care that it is a family-owned business.


Nevertheless, in announcing that the Democrats will pursue legislation to overthrow the Supreme Court’s decision of last week, Schumer explicitly ordered Americans to choose between our livelihoods and our religious beliefs.

“Think of the difference,” Schumer says. “You’re born with a religion or you adopt a religion. You have to obey the precepts of that religion, and the government gives you a wide penumbra. You don’t have to form a corporation.”

Our rights, according to America’s founding documents, don’t come from government, are inalienable, and come from God.

“We wouldn’t tell the owners of Hobby Lobby,” he continued, “to convert to a different religion or disobey their religion. But we don’t say that they have to open up a company. And go sell toys, or hobby kits. We don’t have any of them in New York, so I don’t know exactly what they sell.”


His audience chuckled at that.

“But the court took the protection (for individuals, per Schumer’s reckoning) and misapplied it.”

Schumer gets the Obamacare abortifacient mandate wrong, intentionally. It does tell people who object to abortifacients to disobey their religion. It tells the Little Sisters of the Poor to disobey their religion. It tells Catholic business owners to disobey their religion.

In Schumer’s way of thinking, the solution for religious people is obvious: If you don’t want to disobey your religion, refrain from starting a business in America. At all. Ever.


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