The Real Reason Why Liberals Are Scared of Women with Guns


Between girls hunting big game to feed starving children in Africa to mothers bearing arms and Bibles on social media, America either needs another birth control issue or an exorcist to stop the head spinning of the most illiberal liberals among us.


Conservatives are quick to distinguish a Christian supporter of the Second Amendment (in this case, Holly Hobby Lobby) from a jihadist:

…[this] “dangerous strand of Christian fundamentalism” is so extraordinarily “dangerous” that it has not only failed to engender any “real violence” but it can’t even bring itself to threaten harm?

And we excel at drawing attention to the moral ineptitude of the pro-abortion community’s outrage at the site of tranquilized or hunted game:

Many of the liberal blogs having a meltdown over Kendall Jones are the same ones that spent a week hailing Emily Letts, who filmed her own abortion. ‘What kind of monster smiles after killing something?’ they say about the woman posing with a tranquilized rhino, but not about the woman giggling while an abortionist executes her baby.

But what we fail to clearly answer is why independent women pose such an inherent threat to the Left. After all, isn’t this the group whose messiah bows to Valerie Jarrett, goddess-in-chief?

Take the guns, the Bibles and the dead animals out of the picture for a second. What do these two women have in common? Independent minds. Were times simpler, I’d call feminism a clique and be done with it. But we live in the disinformation age. These independent women are caught in the spin of disinformation, and it goes like this:


Seed of Truth: They own guns.

Pack of Lies: They are fundamentalists who will use their religious impulses to commit crimes against animals, perhaps even human beings, comparable to the acts of a jihadist.

Ultimate Goal: Scare the public into permitting, even encouraging, the government to enact legislation that limits an individual’s free choice, in this instance, to own and operate firearms.

The Jarrett element is the glasnost in the equation. Glasnost, popularly defined as Gorbachev’s policy of “openness” to the West, is actually a Russian term for polishing the leader’s public image. As Meet the Press so clearly illustrated, Jarrett is the archetype liberal goddess exemplifying exactly what liberals expect of women: complete and total self-sacrifice to the State. She may hold incredible “mind meld”-ing powers over Obama, but in the end Valerie Jarrett is as much a servant as he is to the socialist cause. In this case, disinformation about women with guns serves the Jarrett-goddess glasnost operation: the notion that women who depend on government are culturally preferred to the point of idolization.


Instead of calling out the disinformation at face value, our logical and moral arguments get caught in the spin cycle and hung out to dry. Facts are wonderful things, which is why a climate of disinformation intends to render the truth virtually impossible to comprehend. The real issue has never been religious fundamentalism or baby lions. Whether it is God, guns, or birth control, the real issue has been, and always will be, a woman with a mind of her own.


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