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Rick Perry Lays Out Three Possibilities for Obama's Handling of the Border Crisis

This morning on MSNBC, USA Today reporter Susan Page said that President Barack Obama’s decision to attend fundraisers in Texas this week while neglecting to visit the border is a “Katrina moment” for him. That would have a chance of being true if the likes of Shepard Smith ran around on the border shouting “Where is the security?” but everyone knows that that will never happen. The media can make the border crisis a Katrina moment. They’re not going to.

Chuck Todd kicks off the discussion asking if there is any Democrat in the country who wants to talk about immigration. Answer: No. Even though the Democrats keep goading Republicans on immigration and President Obama himself made that big statement about it last week. Obviously they do want to talk about it, to such an extent that it’s practically an obsession.

Apparently, the Beltway press corps has its own version of reality.

Democrats talk about immigration to the point, and with such dishonest ferocity, that one could get the impression that while they claim Republicans need it to survive, it’s the Democrats who need “comprehensive reform” in the form of legalizing millions of illegal aliens, and putting them on a path to citizenship, to survive.

Why would Democrats really care about the survival of the Republican Party? Why would a party that thrives on secrecy and lies suddenly start telling the truth?

Page calls Obama’s decision to neglect the border while he’s in Texas a lose-lose — the security-minded will hate the neglect, while the open borders lobbies will be angered that he isn’t doing more to open the border even more.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been speaking out on the border situation for years. The Obama administration has been rebuffing him for years, both over the phone and in person. Perry now posits three possibilities behind the president’s inattention to the current crisis: Either President Obama is incompetent, he is apathetic, or he has ulterior motives.