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Video of Sobbing Japanese Pol Is Pretty Awesome

Japan politician Ryutaro Nonomura got caught misusing campaign funds for personal trips. He is accused of going to places like Japanese spas, which actually are pretty awesome. Highly recommended, if you’ve never been.

But you shouldn’t use other people’s money that they gave you for campaign purposes. If you do, you might end up like Mr. Nonomura, sobbing in a video that has gone viral all over the world. He already has become a meme. He hasn’t been autotuned yet, but surely that’s coming any minute now.

The politician had faced criticism last week after it was reported he had claimed for 195 long-distance return tickets but failed to provide receipts for the journeys or even evidence he was carrying out official work,Rocket News 24 reports.

During Tuesday’s press conference, in between sobbing, drawing deep breaths and then wailing again, Nonomura insisted, “I went to all the places [claimed for].” He also made a number of bizarre outbursts, at one point yelling:“Ageing population isn’t only a problem in our prefecture!”